Wednesday, July 26, 2017

DIY Mini Tape Measure Ornament

mini tape measure ornaments

mini tool tree ornaments

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tape measure ornaments step 1

Step 1: Cut 3/4" slices from a 2x2 scrap board.  Sand the edges smooth and rounded.

Step 2: Spray paint the wood slices metallic silver.

tape measure ornaments step 3

Step 3: Drill a 1/2" lath screw into the center of each side of the wood slice.

Step 4: Cut a 2" piece of tape measure.  Wrap one end with a small sliver of duct tape and then use super glue to attach tape measure to underside of wood slice.

diy tape measure ornaments

yellow sculpey clay buttons

Step 5: Make yellow tab using Sculpey clay.  Roll out an 1/8" thick piece and trim to size.  Impress the divet with your finger then bake as directed on packaging.  Use super glue to attach tab to front side of wood slice.

Step 6: Predrill and insert screw eye into top center of wood slice.  Add twine hanger.

mini tape measure ornaments for tool tree

Add this ornament to your tool tree collection!

tool tree ornaments collection


mini saw blade ornament
mini saw blade
mini paint brush ornament
mini paint brush
mini extension cord ornament
mini extension cord

mini toolbox ornament
mini toolbox
mini spray paint ornament
mini spray paint


  1. This is adorable!
    My sons went to Home Depot classes when they were little.
    This would have been awesome for them to collect as they went.
    Really creative - nice job.

    1. Thanks Julie. They were so fun to develop and create. Wonderful to hear your boys got their hands into making, my kids love it too!